Darkest Dungeon | RogueHQ Review

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The Basics

  • Turn-based combat
  • Dungeon crawler
  • Characters level up
  • 15 different hero classes in vanilla game (DLCs add more heroes)
  • When heroes die, they stay dead
  • High learning curve
  • Best narration in modern gaming

Darkest Dungeon is a roguelike that has a broad appeal to gamers who may not be familiar with the genre although is the standard-bearer for punishing players for poor choices. Technically this usually qualifies as a rogueLITE or a game with roguelike elements. Fans of turn-based final fantasy games will enjoy the leveling up and combat qualities of the game. Gamers who enjoy 100%-ing a game can find fulfillment beating every boss and finding every trinket and relic in the game. It has just a little bit for everyone.

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